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D600(D700) self-operated temperature regulating valve

Name:600(D700) self-operated temperature regulating valve
Nominal Diameter:15—250mm
Nominal Pressure:PN1.6、2.5、4.0MPa

D600(D700) self-operated temperature regulating valve is an energy-efficient auto modulation device which regulate according media thermal and temperature change, take it as power and move as pre-set  &#118alue without external power supply. It integrated with inspect, control and execute functions, to be an independent instrument control system.
This product is combined of low flow resistance single sea valve (sleeve), balance pieces, bulb and temperature setting device. The features are as following:
1.energy-efficient auto control system without external power supply, low equipment cost, suitable for explosion proof environment
2.Simple structure, easy maintenance.
3.Set position can be adjusted and adjustable range is wide, easy for user continuously adjusts in the set range.
4.Equipped with over temperature protect device.
This product suitable for gas sealing system and safety guard system of storage tank, like nitrogen sealing storage.
5.Pressure balance device provides a rapid response, accurate control and large allowing differential pressure.
This product has features like no need of power supply, Simple structure, easy maintenance & operation, very suitable for city heat& gas supply, and occasions which no power/gas supply but need to control liquid & gas pressure.
According to foreign media reported that this product will help to increase energy-efficient about 30%-40% additionally when installed in city heating system.

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